Start/stop Windows system services

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A service is a type of application that is run in the background and is comparable to a UNIX/Linux Daemon application. Services are special programs that provide functionality independent of logged-in users. Programs such as client/server applications, web servers, databases and other server-based applications are generally implemented as system services. They offer functionality for local users as well as via network.

The Z-Cron commands SERVICE-START, SERVICE-STOP and SERVICE-RESTART can automatically start, stop and restart local services.

The command SERVICE-WATCH can be used for monitoring local services. When the command is run, it checks whether the specified service is currently running, and if not, starts it.

System Dienste Auswahl zum starten

Z-Cron offers a simple list of all services on the local computer.

In combination with the STARTREMOTE command, these commands can also be executed on a remote computer in the local network. Z-Cron must be installed on both the target computer and the computer which issues the command.