Backup Scheduling

We deliberately didn’t provide Z-DBackup or Z-TapeBackup  with its own scheduler and instead use a modular system. This has the following advantages.

  • Z-DBackup doesn’t have to be loaded in memory just to perform one daily backup
  • You can use your preferred scheduler or the Windows Task Scheduler included in Windows
  • Z-DBackup can be started with specific user rights from a system service

Many backup tasks have to be executed without a user being logged in. This is why we developed the universal task planer Z-Cron as a tool for program automation. For simple backup scheduling Z-DBackup also has an integrated interface to the Windows Task Scheduler.

Windows Task Scheduler

Windows Task Scheduler

Z-DBackup includes an interface to the Windows Task Scheduler. The Windows Task Scheduler can be directly configured from within Z-DBackup to easily schedule tape backups.


Z-Cron is a task planer to schedule the execution of any program or various build in tasks. When installed a backup schedule can be directly configured from within Z-DBackup or Z-TapeBackup.

You can specify the time and days a backup task should be executed. Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly backup schedules are possible.

Z-Cron Task creation


Z-Cron can run as a service in the background. This enables Z-Cron to execute scheduled backups even when no user is loggen in.

Extensive Features

Additionaly Z-Cron can be used to schedule various build in actions. These include e.g. waking up or shutting down the computer, ejecting USB connected devices, starting or stopping music and video playback, checking the availability of a website or establishing a VPN connection.


Freeware Version

Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012(R2), 2008(R2) 14 day trial


Task and Backup Scheduler


29 €


39 €