Z-DBackup supports several methods for 1:1 backups of data on a computer or in a network

In addition to full, incremental and differential backups, Z-DBackup can also be used for synchronisation of files and directories, i.e. mirroring. The program creates an exact copy of the data from the source directories in the target directory. It can be used to mirror data sets between desktop computer, notebooks and servers as wells as NAS, USB, CD, DVD and Blu-Ray discs.

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Synchronisation – How It Works

Only changed files and new files that are not already in the target directory will be copied. Files and directories can be deleted automatically from the target if they’re no longer present in the source. During each backup, an exact copy (mirror) of the original data is created on the backup medium. NTFS permissions can be transferred as well.

Z-DBackup is perfectly suitable for backups, archiving or mirroring of music, photo or video collections to external mediums. Our software is able to stop the execution of services or restart them, e.g. pausing an SQL Server for the time of the backup and then restart the server or other services again.

A data synchronisation is sometimes faster and and for many users, a complete data mirroring is more transparent than an incremental or differential backup.

Synchronize Directories

Synchronise Data in Networks

Z-DBackup's network capabilities allow for uncomplicated data synchronisation within home and company networks. The licenced version can also connect and disconnect network drives automatically before or after the synchronisation.

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Automatic Data Synchronisations

Synchronisations can be executed manually or on schedule with Z-Cron, our Advanced Task und Backup Scheduler or the Windows-integrated Task Scheduler. Z-Cron can be installed as a system service on Windows XP and newer versions, which allows for automatic and scheduled backups with Z-DBackup even if no user is logged in or the current user has reduced rights.

Scheduled Data Synchronisation with the Windows Task Scheduler

Z-DBackup contains a built-in interface to the Windows Task Scheduler. Even without any other programs, you can immediately plan your backup jobs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10. Special knowledge about the required command-line parameters is not required. The programs wizard allows you to select your scheduling options easily.