Network Backup

A network is anything where different computers are connected to another. Whether that is a shared drive on a workstation, a server in an office, or a stand-alone storage solution (Network Attached Storage, NAS): Network backups are very popular!

A network solution has many advantages for the user: The data is safe because of physical separation; the central storage of data on a secure medium and the minimal administration requirements.

Network Backup with Z-DBackup

Z-DBackup offers many features for backups in a network:

Additionally, the performance and data throughput can be adjusted to the conditions of the local network.

If the Network Backup Option is activated in Z-DBackup, but Z-VSScopy is not installed, files which are exclusively opened by other applications (file lock) are recognized during the backup and skipped with a corresponding entry in the log file.

Pitfalls of Network Backups

Some common challenges for network backups:

  • Speed (data throughput) of the network connection
  • Unreliable and old network hardware
  • Open files
  • Safeness of the backup archives in the network

Practice has shown that errors in the wiring which don’t stand out during daily operation are the most common cause for failures in a network backup. If you chose to do network backups, you should check the existing hardware/wiring carefully and replace old (slow) components. As with mediums, the network hardware should be quality products of well-known manufacturers.

Backup Security in a Network

Seal away the backup mediums from the workstations and network as well as possible: Do not simply back up to a shared network resource, because there is a risk that you lose your backups due to a virus or an accidental wrong click. Instead, create a dedicated user account (on your NAS) and leave it to Z-DBackup to establish a connection for the time of the backup and automatically disconnect afterwards. Additionally always activate 256-bit AES encryption. 

Don’t put your NAS in the same room as your workstation. Spacial separation of your backups can prevent you from loosing your backups aswell when your main data is lost due to fire, water or theft.

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