Modular backup system which can copy complex data sets quickly, easily and reliably

Backup Software

Z-DBackup is a modular Windows backup system which can copy complex data sets quickly, easily and reliably to any kind of target drive, such as CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, tape, USB flash drives and many more. It supports elaborate backup schemes, directory synchronisation, fully automated backups, archiving, data transfers via e-mail, SFTP or network, and much more! This makes it an ideal backup tool for personal as well as professional use. Z-DBackup is the powerful main program. Our additional modules enable you to back up to CD / DVD / Blu-ray, LTO tape drives and FTP servers if required.

Z-DBackup is controlled with Backup Sets. A Backup Set contains settings such as: The source and target locations for the backup, filters (blacklist/whitelist), password protection/encryption, compression, whether to use a backup archive or do a simple 1:1 file copy, and more. These settings are saved for each Backup Set, and with a desktop shortcut for the Backup Set, you can run a backup with one mouse click!


Create 1:1 file copies or compressed backup archives


Create encrypted backup archives with the industry standard AES-256


Backup to NAS or other network drives with a UNC path

Cloud Backup

Upload backup archives to Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive or HiDrive

System image Backup

Create bare metal backups that can restore your whole system


Monitore the execution of backups from any computer in your local network

Backup strategy

Create full, differential and incremental backups or data sychronisations

Automatic Backups

Automate your backups using an interface to the Windows Task Scheduler or Z-Cron

Locked files & databases

Backup locked files and many databases or virtual machines
requires Z-VSScopy

Modular Design

Z-DBackup is our main backup software offering extensive settings for professional Windows backups. Its functionality can be further extended by different extension modules that each serve a certain purpose. Each module works as a simple stand-alone program or as an addon for Z-DBackup.

This modular design makes sure that you only pay for the features you need.

System Image Backup

Create backups of your whole system or whole drives including the operating system and all installed programs and files. A system image backup can later be used to restore your operating system and all data even on an empty hard drive.

Included in the freeware version of Z-DBackup

Automatic Backups

Setup backup schedules for your backup tasks from within Z-DBackup. Either use the integrated interface to the Windows Task Scheduler or the interface to Z-Cron. Z-DBackup can also be controlled from a command line interface to be integrated into backup scripts and batch files.

Z-Cron is a standalone task scheduler that can be used as an addon for Z-DBackup. It allows you to schedule a wide variaty of actions on local and remote PCs. Use Z-Cron to schedule backups even when no user is logged into your PC.

Network / NAS Backup

Z-DBackup can backup files to and from any network drive or NAS. Connectings to network drives can be established automatically before the backup using UNC paths with a username and password. After a backup finished Z-DBackup can disconnect the network drive to prevent unauthorised access to your backups.

Actions Before and After the Backup

Set certain actions to be automatically performed before or after backups e.g. the execution of batch scripts, starting or stopping MYSQL servers, mounting or unmounting hard drives, ejecting the target medium (like RDX drives), running Z-Cron jobs and much more.


Z-DBackup offers extensive settings for pressional users to fine tune their backup setups. So create new backup easily we also offer an assistant that guides you through the setup process and includes templates for common backup tasks.

Through out the app our context sensitive help system can offer assistant where you need it.