RDX Backup


RDX is short for Removable Disk Exchange. The removable hard disks »RDX QuikStor« were developed by Tandberg Data as a backup solution that combines the benefits of hard drives and the handling of tapes. RDX hard drives are sold by many different OEMs.

The drives are available in 3,5 and 5,25 inch format, where the internal models are connected to the computer via SATA and the external models via USB 3. The compact cartridges contain SATA drives and are used as mobile exchangeable hard drives. There are HDDs and SSDs available.

RDX external drive
Tandberg Data - RDX QuikStor™

For larger backup needs Tandberg Data offers the RDX drive library RDX QuikStation which contains multiple RDX drives and is  network connectable.

Benefits of RDX hard drives

The cartridges are designed by Tandberg to protect the drives from shocks and impacts and drops from up to 1 meter. According to the manufacturer, the archiving life span of an RDX medium is ten years. All cartridges have a manual writing lock switch.

The robust RDX hard drives offer easier handling and a longer life time that their external USB hard drive counterparts. Store them at an external site for optimal disaster recovery. With their tough build quality, dependability, easy handling and long time storage capabilities RDX drives offer benefits of both traditional hard drives and tapes.

An RDX hard drive next to a tape and a USB hard drive

Backup with Z-DBackup and RDX drives

With Z-DBackup, the RDX drive can be used as a hard disk or a removable medium, and numerous backup strategies can be realised! That makes this combination the ideal backup tool for personal as well as professional use!

Windows System Backup

When used as a target for Windows System Backups the RDX drive has to be used in fixed disk mode. Make sure your RDX drive supports this mode (e.g the USB 3 RDX drives from Tandberg Data).

RDX Backup