Backup Software

Expandable functionality due to its modular design

We offer various software for different backup purposes. All programs can be used as stand-alone software or in combination with our main backup software Z-DBackup.

Z-DBackup's Modular Design

Z-DBackup is a modular backup system: Our main backup program, Z-DBackup, can be used seamlessly with one or more add-on modules which add specific features. All add-on modules for Z-DBackup (except Z-CloudBackup) also function as stand-alone programs in their specific field but Z-DBackup offers the most comprehensive settings.

The modular design of our software gives you the advantage that you pay only for the licenses that you actually need, save money on your backup solution and are still able to extend your system dynamically! The most commonly used combinations are available for a reduced price as software bundles from our shop.

Z-CloudBackup Icon


This Module enables Z-DBackup to upload backup archives to supported cloud drives (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive & HiDrive). The integrated Cloud Explorer let's you restore your backups from the cloud easily.

Z-Journal Icon

Z-Journal Freeware

A program to monitor the execution of backups with Z-DBackup & Z-TapeBackup. Z-Journal can be installed on any computer in the local network and display the backup task protocols of different computers in your local network.

Z-TapeBackup Icon


Enables Z-DBackup to perform direct and indirect tape backups. When used for indirect tape backups you benefit from the comprehensive backup settings of Z-DBackup.

Z-VSScopy Icon


Enables Z-DBackup to backup all locked and currently exclusively used files as well as backups of most data bases and virtual machines.

Z-Cron Icon


Can be used as the backup task scheduler for Z-DBackup and integrated with Z-DBackup flawlessly. Because Z-Cron is running as a service backups can be started even when no user is logged in. (Z-DBackup also has a integrated interface to the Windows Task Scheduler for automatic backups).

Z-FTPcopy Icon


Enables Z-DBackup to upload files and backup archives to FTP servers. To restore single files from your server an integrated FTP Explorer is used.

Z-DataBurn Icon


Enables Z-DBackup to burn files and backup archives to CD, DVD and Blu-Ray. Z-DBackup can copy file to CD, DVD and Blu-Ray without Z-DataBurn if the Live File System for optical mediums is used (Windows Vista and up).