Cloud Backup

Online Backups

Data loss due to physical damage, hard- or software defects, fire, water, overvoltage or theft can account for huge expenses. It’s therefore advisable to look for a secure way to store backups externally. This ensures that there is always a copy of your data available somewhere else than your main site. This is a best practice strategy that’s also encouraged by many insurance companies.

Online Backups simplify offsite storage of backups considerably. The only requirement is an internet connection with a bandwidth large enough to upload you data in a reasonable amount of time. 

Restoring Data

You can access and download your backups at any time and anywhere where you have an internet connection. Thus you as a customer have the guarantee that you can restore your data on your own in case of emergency, without large costs and during a short time, and without the aid of a system administrator.

How Secure Are Your Files?

Data stored online should always be fully encrypted on your local computer before the data is upload. This ensures that your data can’t be accessed by third parties while it’s being uploaded or while it’s stored in the cloud. Z-DBackup allows you to encrypt your files easily. Your files are first compressed into a backup archive which is then encrypted using AES 256 bit and only then transferred to the server. Therefore, your backups are unreadable during transfer and on the server.

The encryption setup lets you define a password with which the file is encrypted. This password should be kept secret and safe. Store your password in a safe place. You need the password to restore your files. There is no way the data can be accessed without it, not even by someone who has physical access to the data on the server.

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Scheduling Backups

With scheduled backups you don’t have to start the backup manually or wait for it to finish before you can leave the office. Z-Cron can start your backup and shutdown you computer automatically, plus a variety of other common tasks. This system control module lets you define schedules for recurring tasks. For example, it can create a compressed and encrypted backup, automatically send it to a backup server with authentication using Z-FTPcopyII and afterwards send the backup log via e-mail and shut down or hibernate the computer.

Backup to Cloud Storage Services

Z-DBackup can upload you backup archives to one of the supported cloud storage providers using our module Z-CloudBackup. You can make use of full feature set Z-DBackup provides like filtering, compression, encryption and other individual configurations.

Currently supported services: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive & HiDrive.

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Backup to FTP Server

Our extra module Z-FTPcopyII allows you to easily copy backup archives to an FTP server. Z-DBackup will take care of the creation of the backup archive including compression and encryption and then start Z-FTPcopyII to upload the archive. Time and backup interval can be freely configured in Z-DBackup.

A Backup Set can be configured so that after the first complete backup subsequent backups will only upload and backup files that changed in the mean time. This greatly reduces the amount of data to upload every time.

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