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The add-on module Z-FTPcopyII adds FTP functionality to Z-DBackup and Z-Cron, to enable copying a backup or other data to any FTP/FTPS/SFTP compatible server (according to RFC 959). Precondition is that a server with sufficient free space is available (doesn’t have to be a Windows host.) The configuration for Z-FTPcopyII contains: 

  • the IP address of the server
  • the login info (username/password)
  • the server-side path where files should be stored.

Using Z-FTPcopyII allows to use heterogenous backup environments outside of the backup network.

Z-FTPcopy can be used as an add-on for Z-DBackup or as a standalone program to easily transfer backups to FTP Servers.

Command Line Parameters

Z-FTPcopy can be controlled with command-line parameters. Command-line parameters make it possible to give the program a command at startup which it executes. This is especially useful for FTP/SFTP/FTPS transfers in batch processing or use in scripts and other programs such as our Task and Backup Scheduler Z-Cron or the Windows Task Scheduler. Generally, the program is automatically started with the correct parameters by Z-DBackup, but it’s also possible to run it manually for a custom FTP backup or transfer.


Even the Freeware Version of Z-FTPcopy offers a wide range of features and options and is an ideal FTP backup tool for home users.
Z-FTPcopy is Shareware! After the trial period (30 days) has expired, the program can be used as freeware for personal use, with some restrictions!

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22 €

Transfer Volume

4 GByte


Max. number of server profiles



Server Support: Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012(R2), 2008(R2)

Control with command-line parameters

Keep-Alive – Firewall-Parameter

Incremental Upload

Transfer Log File

FTP – File Transfer Protocol


FTPS – SSH File Transfer Protocol