Z-TapeBackup extension for media changer (tape library)

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Control Tape Libraries and Autoloader

The add-on Z-TapeLoader enables Z-TapeBackup to control tape libraries and Autoloader. This makes automatic backups on tape libraries possible without the need to change tapes manually. 

A specific tape in a tape library can be loaded manually using the GUI of Z-TapeBackup or automatically via Z-TapeBackups command line interface.

Z-DBackup makes changing tapes automatically even more comfortable by allowing you to select a specific tape to load before the backup or by following a generation backup scheme and choosing the right tape automatically.

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Autoloader Settings

Z-TapeBackup allows you to create desktop shortcuts for backup tasks to a specific tape in your tape library.

Automatic Tape Backups

Using Z-TapeBackup Library as an add-on for Z-DBackup

With Z-DBackup you can select a specific tape to be loaded before the backup or let Z-DBackup automatically choose the right tape according to one of the following backup strategies.

5 Day Principle

5 Day Weekly Backup

7 Day Principle

7 Day Weekly Backup

Generation Principle

Generation Principle

Automating your tape backups minimises manual backup tasks and errors done by humans. The risk of data loss through human interaction is reduced.

Tape Library Automisation

The selection of a specific tape or backup strategy is done by configuring an action that will be executed before the backup.

Action Load Tape


Z-TapeLoader was tested with autoloaders from the following manufacturers (among others):