Backup locked files & manage shadow copies

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Z-VSScopy can be used as an add-on for Z-TapeBackup & Z-DBackup or as a standalone program.

As an add-on

Z-VSScopy enables backups of opened and locked files, as well as most databases while they are in use. Usable indefinitely with the freeware versions of Z-DBackup & Z-TapeBackup.

As a standalone program

Z-VSScopy is a shadow copy manager and explorer. You can mount shadow copies to access their content with the Windows Explorer. Restore points (which can’t be mounted) can be opened with the integrated Shadow Explorer. The Shadow Explorer lets you search and restore specific files from a restore point using simple drag & drop.

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Backup of locked files and databases

Z-VSScopy enables Z-TapeBackup & Z-DBackup to backup all files even those that are currently locked by Windows or other running programs. To achieve this Z-VSScopy uses the Volume Shadow Copy Service provided by Windows and adapts it to the specific needs of a backup program. 

Using VSS technology Z-TapeBackup & Z-DBackup can create consistent and complete backups of most databases while they are in use. Database access doesn’t need to be interrupted while the backup is running. This is especially important for server backups.

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Tapes are widely used to create lasting and reliable backups. Server backups are one of the key areas where the advantages of tapes play a big role.

Server backups have always been tricky because servers are rarely shut down and access their databases all the time. Simply copying files from a server wouldn’t represent the whole state the server was in and could exclude important data.

With VSS technology made available by Z-VSScopy you can now create consistent and complete backups of your working server.

Shadow copy explorer and manager

Z-VSScopy is also a stand alone program used to manager all snapshots (shadow copies and system restore points) on your computer. All existing snapshots are displayed and can be opened and searched. New snapshots can be created and old ones deleted.

Keep track of all restore points automatically created by Windows. Many programs create restore points during installation. By deleting old and unused restore point you can free up storage space.

Z-VSScopy Shadow Copies
Manage Shadow Copies

Restore files from a snapshot

Z-VSScopy can mount shadow copies as normal drives displayed in your Windows Explorer. Unmountable snapshots like system restore points can be opened and searched with the Shadow Explorer of Z-VSScopy. This allows you to search for specific files and folders in restore points. Found files can easily be copied to any location on your computer using drag & drop.

If you accidentally deleted a file from your trash bin it’s possible that the file still exists in a snapshot created by Windows.
Use Z-VSScopy to search for missing files in old snapshots and restore them.

Shadow Copy Explorer
Shadow Explorer

Terms of Use

Z-VSScopy can be use without limitations for 30 days.

After the end of the trial period Z-VSScopy will continue to run with limited capabilities.
The free version of Z-VSScopy can be used indefinitely with the freeware versions of Z-TapeBackup and Z-DBackup to backup currently used and locked files. This allows private users to create fully consistent backups.