Automated Actions

In professional backup environments, it is not unusual that certain programs, system services or batch scripts have to run or be stopped before or after a backup. That’s why we built an action list with predefined actions into Z-DBackup.

Z-DBackup can also execute actions on remote computers in the local network if they have Z-Cron installed. This enables the creation of complex network backups.


Actions can be executed at the following points in time during a backup:

  • Before the start 
  • Before data copy
  • Before each full backup
  • After the end
  • After data copy
  • After each full backup
  • Failure at start (will only be executed if the backup couldn’t run due to a failure in the startup process)
Point in time for actions

Actions Before or After Backups

In the following table, you can find an overview of the different types of actions Z-DBackup supports.