Automated Actions in a Network

Z-DBackup can not only start programs, batch files or VB scripts before and/or after the backup, but can also invoke commands on remote computers in a network, which enables a simple realisation of complex backup tasks in a network.

For this, our scheduler software Z-Cron must be installed on the computer in the network.

To control a network computer, a Z-Cron job is required on the remote machine. This job defines the action to be run. A Z-DBackup Backup Set must be created on the local machine.  Backup Sets can be assigned actions which are executed before of after the backup. To control a remote computer, the action Run Z-Cron Job must be assigned to the Backup Set. The IP address of the target computer and the Z-Cron job number must be specified and the job will be run at each backup.

Z-Cron Netzwerk

Execute Action Before/After Backup

If the address is set to localhost, your own computer is the target. To access a computer in the network, its IP address must be entered here.

Run Z-Cron job on remote computer

Configuration of Z-Cron

To run the action in a local network, the TCP service and the Z-Cron service must be enabled in the Z-Cron program settings.

Z-Cron as TCP-Service