Tape Backup

Tapes are known for their large capacity, long durability,, excellent cost/gigabyte ratio and a higher transfer rate than most conventional HDDs. All this makes tapes an excellent choice for companies that need to backup large amounts of data for long term storage.

Many different tape technologies have been developed throughout the years. Today LTO tapes are probably the most wide spread used.

LTO Tape Backup


Z-DBackup can be turned into a full fledged tape backup program with our tape backup software Z-TapeBackup. Z-TapeBackup can be used as standalone software or as an addon for Z-DBackup.

Using Z-TapeBackup as an addon for Z-DBackup allows you to either perform direct or indirect tape backups. You also benefit from the powerful configurations and features Z-DBackup offers. Z-DBackup can for example check the integrity of backup archives that have been copied to tape.

Using Z-DBackup and Z-TapeBackup in conjuction allows you to realise various backup strategies. This makes them the ideal pair for sofisticated tape backups in companies of any size.

Z-DATdump Bandsicherung Backup auf LTO Band

Direct tape backup

The files are copied directly onto tape. This is the same way Z-TapeBackup as a stand-alone program works.


If a backup is to big for a single tape Z-DBackup can split up the backup onto up to 10 tapes.

Indirect tape backup

The files to backup are backed up to a different location first, e.g. as an encrypted backup archive on a network drive. Afterwards the created backup archive will be copied onto tape.


Z-DBackup can create a system image backup of your whole Windows partition (and any further partitions/drives) and copy it onto tape. To restore your system the image has to be copied from tape to a hard drive first before Windows can restore your computer from the system image.

Z-TapeBackup supports all common tape drives including: LTO (Ultrium), DAT, DLT, DDS, TRAVAN, VXA, QIC, MLR, SLR and AIT