Windows System Backup

A system backup is a backup of the whole operating system including all system files, all installed programs and all user files. The backup includes an image of all drives that are necessary for the operation of Windows and all installed programs. Such a system backup can later be used to restore the complete operating system with all files and programs installed.

Z-DBackup deliberately abstains from using it’s own propriatery format for a system backup and instead builds on the features included in Windows. To restore Windows from a system image you have to boot your computer from a system repair disc or a Windows installation disc and choose system image recovery.

System Backup Menu

Advantages of a system backup

In case of a severe software problem (e.g. caused by a virus) or if your hard drive fails a system backup allows you to quickly restore your old system on a new hard drive. This saves a lot of time compared to installing Windows by hand and having to reinstall all programs and updates.

Creating a system backup

A Windows system backup can be created as easily as a normal backup in Z-DBackup. All drives required to restore Windows and its installed programs are determined automatically. The backup target can either be a secondary hard drive (e.g. USB drive), a network drive (NAS), or an RDX drive.

Z-TapeBackup can additionally copy a system backup to tape.   

Windows System Backup

Restoring your computer form a system backup

With a system backup you can recover Windows (including all files and programs) on a (new) hard drive or restore single files from the system image.

System recovery

To recover the whole operating system from a system backup, you have to boot your computer from a system repair disc or a Windows installation disc. Then you select the menu entry system image recovery and follow the instructions. The exact procedure is differs in different Windows versions. A system repair disc can be created from within Z-DBackup.

Windows Recovery CD & USB Stick

Restore single files

A system image created with Z-DBackup can be mounted as a drive. This allows you to simply browse your system image and copy single or multiple files to another drive. (drag & drop supported)

System Backup File Restore