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Answers to frequently asked questions and use cases.

Technical Support

You can freely file a bug report or request in our ticket system.

With Support Licence

Every software licence includes 30 days of free after sales technical support. The enterprise edition additionally includes 1 year of free personal support. Please use the email address you received with your invoice to get in touch with a technician.

Without Support Licence

If you don’t have a licence including free support we will take your bug report as well. You won’t however be able to get in touch with a technician to help you personally.

What should you include in a ticket?

A detailed description of the error

The more information regarding the error or problem you encountered you provide us with the easier it is for us to help you. Your provided information can help us reproduce the error.

Log File

Please send us the log file of the backup set that produced the error. The log file contains vital information we need to be able to help you.


Please provide us with screenshots if you think they will help us understand the problem further.

Registering licences for

Z-TapeBackup, Z-TapeLoader, Z-VSScopy, Z-FTPcopy & Z-Scan2Send

Please send the following licence information to our sales department.
You will find an option in our software to send this information easily.