Move Backups to your Cloud Storage

Z-CloudCopy is a software module for Z-DBackup which enables Z-DBackup to upload and download files to and from supported cloud storage services. It’s primary purpose is to move encrypted backup archives created with Z-DBackup to the cloud and retrieve them from there but it can also be used to download single files from your cloud storage. 

Z-CloudBackup Icon

Z-CloudCopy in the Freeware Version shipped with current versions of Z-DBackup.

Supported Cloud Storage Services

Password handling

Z-CloudBackup is using the OAuth2 protocol to connect to a cloud storage service. In doing so the users password is never directly handled or stored by the program but directly entered on a website of the respective cloud storage service. Z-CloudCopy will then receive an Access- and/or Refresh Token from the website which can be used to connect to the users cloud storage automatically. These tokens are stored encrypted on the users local computer.


The backup of encrypted backup archives with the freeware module Z-CloudCopy is controlled and configured via Z-DBackup. Depending on the Internet connection, the individual files should not be larger than 200 GB. Larger backup archives are possible, but we have not tested them.

In Z-CloudCopy main window you can authorize the program to access a specific cloud storage service and see to which cloud storage services access has already been granted.

Grant access to a specific cloud storage service

Click on Authorize Now to grant Z-CloudBackup access to your account and follow the authorization process for the specific cloud storage service.

Check to which account Z-CloudCopy has access to

Click on the on the green checkmark to retrieve general information about the cloud storage service account Z-CloudCopy has been granted access to.

Delete access tokens

Z-CloudCopy can only be granted access to one account per cloud storage service at the same time.

Click on Delete credentials to delete the localy stored access and/or refreh tokens and revoke the tokens beforehand if possible. Z-CloudCopy can’t access your cloud storage account without the tokens and you can grant access to a different (or the same) account if you wish so.

Revoke access online

You can revoke the access rights you have given Z-CloudBackup in the online portal of the respective cloud storage provider. The exact procedure differs between providers.

After revoking Z-CloudCopy access rights the program won’t be able to connect to the your account anymore but still has the access tokens stored localy which are now invalid. You will have to delete these tokens from within Z-CloudCopy manually before you can setup access to a new account.