Upgrade Policies

The updates for our Z-Software are not chargeable and are made available free of charge for the current major release via the intrigued live update. This applies equally to all Z programs.

Upgrades, i.e. changing to a new major release (main version) – e.g. changing from version 5 to version 6 – are subject to a fee. However, we grant a free change to our users who only purchased their license shortly (3 months) before a release change.

When purchasing our Z software, the following always applies:

  • All updates within the purchased major version are free. That means: if you buy version 5.0, you get all 5.xx versions and updates for free.
  • If you have already purchased an older version, you can purchase the current version at a reduced upgrade price.
  • If you download the latest version from our website, the software will automatically check your software key and determine whether you are entitled to the free update or upgrade at a special upgrade price.

You can only ever purchase the current version offered on our website.