Tape Backup Software for tape drives 
LTO (UltriumTM), DAT, DDS, DLT and more

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Supported Tape Drives

Z-TapeBackup supports all  popular tape drives and connections (USB, S-ATA, SCSI, SAS, IDE).
The following tape drive technologies have been tested with Z-TapeBackup:

Tape drives are accessed via the programming interfaces ASPI and SPTI.

In order to use a tape drive with Z-TapeBackup it’s drivers have to be correctly installed and it has to be detected by Windows (i.e. displayed in the device manager). You can use the freeware version of Z-TapeBackup to check whether your current hardware is detected and correctly supported.


For Z-TapeBackup to work correctly with your tape drive the right drivers have to be installed.

Windows installs drivers for some tape drives automatically but these drivers might not always be the most recend nor yield the best performance with Z-TapeBackup.

We test Z-TapeBackup with a multitude of different tape drives and found that the original drivers from the tape drive manufacturer give the best results.

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Driver from manufactures

For best results please install the drivers that came with your tape drive. If you misplaced the installation CD from the tape drive manufacturer you can find most drivers on the manufactures website.

Links to the support / driver portals of some manufacturers